Turning sunlight into art. We design, produce and install custom stained glass and leaded glass windows into homes, churches and businesses. From large bathroom windows to cabinet doors and entryways, to entire churches. Using a variety of glass types, techniques and mediums, we create stunning expressions of light and color for any type of window. We have vast experience with custom installation or retrofitting into existing window openings, as well as with repairs and restoration.


About the artist:
Since 1998, Josh Hendricks has persisted in the passion of making stained glass windows. He has produced hundreds of custom commissions over the years, taking pride in his craft and continually growing as an artist. He enjoys working with clients to discover the ideas and images in their minds for what they want or like, and designing the perfect windows for them. As a craftsman, the long tedious hours in the workshop keep his hands rough and back stiff, but ultimately very gratified to do what he loves and make these wonderful windows that will live on in their homes for generations to come.

How the process works:
Call 615-881-3767 or email hendricksglass@gmail.com to express your interest and inquire about having custom stained or leaded glass made for your home or church. Mr. Hendricks will personally consult with you and answer all of your questions and fully inform you of all pertinent preliminary details. He will schedule an appointment with you to meet at your location to inspect the window opening to determine what the installation requirements are and acquire the exact measurements. He will bring with him ample graphic resources for your review including a portfolio of his work, other books and compilations and glass samples.

Some clients know exactly what kind of window they want, others have a general idea of the style or subject of what they want to see, and others have no precise idea or direction at all other than they like stained glass and want some. Mr. Hendricks will skillfully guide you through the design selection process and extract from your mind what you want to see and show it to you. Using state of the art stained glass design software he can draft designs for you there on the spot. If further time is required to nail down your perfect design he will correspond with you via email with additional designs or tweaks until it is perfect.

Once your design is finalized and you are ready the window is contracted. Half down payment is typically required, and half upon completion. Other payment terms are available for large contracts. Cost is determined by the amount of square footage. The price per square foot is determined by the amount of detail in the design.Hendricks Stained Glass can accommodate ANY budget.

Your cost includes and covers all preliminary consultation and design work, delivery within the middle Tennessee area and basic installation. Basic installation includes setting the stained glass into a finished opening and trimming it in. Basic installation fully covers most clients. If painting of the trim is necessary you must provide the matching paint. Installation costs that may not be covered include plate glass, insulated glass or any additional retrofitting. If your installation requires any of these additional elements Mr. Hendricks will fully inform you up front of exactly what is entailed and the cost.

Your call or email is welcomed, appreciated and anticipated. What kind of window can Hendricks Stained Glass make for you?